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Finvar Corporation’s mission is to Improve Financial Outcomes For AllWe do this by creatively leveraging data and technology to  innovate scalable products that improve productivity, decision-making, collaboration and financial literacy with modern user experiences. 

Finance and investing are more complicated than ever before. Access to affordable and effective financial technology is increasingly important particularly in the face of trends such as globalization, greater information availability, changing employment and retirement models, cost-pressures, smaller team sizes and others. 

Capnote, our first product, is a next-generation platform that empowers enhanced financial analysis, research and social collaboration. See more about Capnote below and sign-up for a free trial.


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Financial Platforms & Processes

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Access to Capital & Financial Services

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Financial Literacy & Education

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Connectivity & Social Networks

Financial Platforms & Processes: Increasing amounts of news and data should be considered in financial decisions. Our next-generation platforms seek to make aggregation, tracking and interpretation of data more efficient.  

Access to Capital & Financial Services: Efficient access to the financial markets is essential to improving financial outcomes. Our products use technology to deliver benefits that help access such as better allocation, awareness, distribution and risk management.

Financial Literacy & Education: We design products that improve financial knowledge in a scalable and engaging way. Our products encourage users’ constant skillset development whilst also supporting educators with their processes and monetization.

Connectivity & Social Networks: Finance has always been a social industry. Effective collaboration with others can make a world of difference to decision-making and outcomes. Finvar’s products include transformative communication channels. 


Capnote is the first product developed by Finvar Corporation. It is a next-generation platform for finance & investing focused on enhancing analysis, research and socialization. Capnote empowers professionals, investors and organizations with tools that help connect the dots, improve decision-making and increase productivity. This also includes helping grow relevant and collaborative social circles.  

The vision for Capnote comes from the realization that many financial professionals, retail investors and organizations do not have efficient access to the tools they need for optimal performance. Typical options are unaffordable and have not evolved with the times. With truly innovative features, unique views of data and an intuitive interface, Capnote is a platform that you will enjoy discovering. See some core features below and sign-up for early access. 

The team at Finvar is truly passionate about using technology to help improve financial outcomes for more individuals and organizations.

Capnote, our first product, was created by a team with over 65 years of professional experience in banking, investing and technology. Our team understands the challenges faced by financial professionals and investors. Capnote provides trustworthy help for these challenges in a modern and accessible platform that can even be used for free. Capnote will constantly become better at meeting your needs. 

We are looking forward to connecting with you on Capnote. 

Ikenna Ene, Founder & CEO, Finvar Corporation


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  • Created for individual professionals or investors
  • Free and Premium model allows you to pay for only what you need
  • Personalize your experience without limits
  • Earn personal income as a freelance researcher or specialist 
  • Sign-up for a free trial today
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  • Designed for team collaboration across borders or functions
  • Add multiple users to the same account
  • Administrative functions allow flexible control of member activity and communication  
  • Free subscription for academic institutions 


Aggregate, Track
& Interpret Data

  • Discover: Capnote is constantly fed data & news from an increasing number of traditional or alternative sources. Sit back and let us consolidate for you. 
  • Track: Don’t miss a thing. Build Portfolios and get help tracking the key data, risk factors, dates and other important sensitivities.   
  • Interpret: Capnote helps connect the dots. Increase productivity and save time using our automated algorithms to better identify insights within the data.

Connect with Colleagues,
Clients or Specialists

  • Collaborate: Utilize  comprehensive privacy features to interact with others as you choose. Form joint portfolios that can be more effectively managed across a team.   
  • Improve Decisions: Receive tips and opinions from specialists. Connect the dots and understand more about the key considerations or  ask the right questions.  
  • Earn Income: Utilize our store to sell data, research or training courses. Build your own subscriber base and earn income from your expertise and content. 

Financial Literacy & Education

  • Learning: Grow your knowledge as you use Capnote. Learn about calculations, links and possible correlations.
  •  Tips: Receive hints or suggestions based on the data and financial theory. Consider the potential implications of data or events on your portfolio and applicable rationale.  
  • Training: Shop for recommended training courses or connect directly with educators. Unlock new abilities and skills that can benefit your career. 

Improve Your Financial Outcomes Now

Sign-up for a free trial of Capnote. Start connecting the dots and gain a financial edge. 

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